Spas & Beauty clinics

Spas & Beauty clinics

On Costa Blanca many  hotels specially  4 and 5 star ones offer spa and beauty treatments. Facilities range from jacuzzi bath tub in the room to first class spa area with power showers, cold and warm baths, steam sauna, massage and all kinds of treatments inckuding mud,wine and chocolate. Everything to cleanse and nutre your skin.  Many also offer detox diets  and nutritional advices for loosing weight.

Some have packages including diet programs and beauty treatments like scrubs, wraps,masks and peles. These can run from just a couple of days up to weeks. Depending on the customers and the money they are willing to spend.

This together with spa treatment should leave your body relaxed and energy level boosting.

In addition to hotels there are other beauty clinics were more agresive treatments like surgery, botocks injections and so on are offered.

Before you do any drastic it is advisable to get references for the clinic you are going to use.

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