Bringing your pet to the Costa Blanca.

With the new regulations within the European community regarding quarantine many visitors to the Costa Blanca now bring their pets for holiday or for permanent living. Before bringing your pet to the Costa Blanca in Spain you should make sure that your pet have been vaccinated and with a health certificate from a veterinary in your country 15 days before leaving for Spain. Due to the large number of foreigners that bring their pets to the Costa Blanca a increasing number of Multilanguage veterinarians have set up clinics. Many provides 24 hour emergency service. The Spanish vets are very well trained so your pet should be in the very best hands if something should occur.

When living in Spain health insurance for your pet is available from most insurance companies. All pets in Spain should carry a microchip. Before travelling to the Costa Blanca it is highly recommended to have your dog vaccinated against rabies and other diseases. When travelling by air it is advisable to book the transportation of your pet ahead of time. Space in the special compartments are limited.

Animal treatment in Spain

The general conditions of pets and domesticated animals in this Spain vary different from what would be accepted elsewhere. The pets are often specially in rural areas considered to be farm animals and treated as so. In the countryside do not be surprised to see dogs tied in the sun barking waiting for their owner to come by with water and food once a day or less. Many Spaniards keep their dogs on their country house which themselves only use for weekends. The dogs are left there all the time and the owner just pass by during the week to feed them. Animal activists in Spain are campaigning throughout the country and on national television to better the treatment of domestic pets. Legislation has become more strict the last few years and people are now been taken to court for mistreatment of their animals. Having said this it is also true that many Spaniards treat their pets very well. Even spoiling them at times. When living in Spain there are also a wide range of health clinics and hospitals available as well as animal hotels if you need to go away and cannot bring your pet. When it comes to animal food and pet supplies all mayor brands that you are used to see in your home country are also available in supermarkets or the vet clinics or pet stores.

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