Moving to Spain

Moving to Spain

When moving to Costa Blanca in Spain with your family there are a lot of things to take into consideration when choosing were to live.

When you have decided on the town you want to live in or by, you have to make the decision about whether or not you want to live down town or in one of the urbanization’s or in the countryside. Most of the Spanish choose to live in the town center. The main reason for this is that you will have access to all the services you need within walking distance. Parking is always a problem in the center of Spanish towns. Thing to take in consideration when choosing were to live will be important part of your life as your own work place and were your children’s school is located. In many cases your children will have a few hours brake during midday and may want to go home for lunch. At your workplace they might close for a couple of hours as well. If your workplace is nearby your home you can go home for lunch!

The perhaps negative part of living in the town center is the noise and the fact that you will get more living space and perhaps a garden when choosing to live out of town. Most of the foreigner that move to Costa Blanca in Spain to live here end up buying a property outside the town. For the price of an apartment in the town center you might be able to buy a villa with a garden and a swimming pool if you choose to live on the outskirts.

A good advise when choosing to move to Spain is perhaps to rent a place in the beginning if you do not already own a property. Do remember that one thing is to live permanently in a place and another coming on vacation a couple of times a year. Your needs are just different. When choosing what neighborhood to move to on the Costa Blanca an important aspect of it is investigating a bit about your neighbors to be. If you are a family with children you might not want to live in an apartment block full of retired people and vice versa. It is important that you take part in creating good relations within your community.

When you have made the decision to move to Costa Blanca in Spain from another country, there are many companies that are willing to pack you up and deliver you to your new home. When moving within Europe there are lots of removal companies that will carry your belongings with truck through Europe. When moving to Costa Blanca in Spain from outside Europe you are best off contracting a shipping container.

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