Though it is said that early to bed and early rise makes a man healthy and wise, it is not so good for all people. Some people buy ambien online and suffer from the trouble of less sleep and they are not able to go to bed early and also not able to remain asleep till late. This is a problem and they need to get some solution and the solution in this case is ambien. If one takes a pill of this and then goes to sleep then he or she will be able to have a deeper and longer sleep. This will ensure that a person is able to sleep for longer. expressmodels It impairs thinking and some reflexes. As a result, people feel dizzy and cannot think clearly. Accordingly, you have to avoid driving any vehicles, operating machinery and taking any actions that require clear thinking and good reactions. Mark that it can also influence your memory and you may not remember some events. The full end of the effects comes within 4 hours after awakening. Until that time, avoid doing all listed-above things.