Solicitors and Legal Advice on the Costa Blanca in Spain

Solicitors and Legal Advice on the Costa Blanca in Spain

The first move you should make if you are planning to purchase or sell a house, a plot of land or any kind of property in Spain is to contact a Spanish solicitor, an independent professional who will protect your interests and make the transaction trouble free. Choosing your solicitor is very important and it is worth finding one who you feel comfortable with, regarding both service and price.

Buying a home in Spain on your own can be a complicated and often confusing process for those who are not from Spain, involving unfamiliar legal transactions. There is also a significant amount of legal work involved in buying a property to ensure the transaction is made safely, and complying with all Spanish tax regulations and legal matters.

It is vital that you contact a Spanish solicitor as soon as you start looking to make sure the many aspects involved in the process will be taken care of.

We are committed to making your property experience in Spain straightforward by providing you with access to high quality information and professional guidance.

When you contact us we can explain the procedures involved, advice on mortgages and all matters which may be relevant to your particular purchase.

When you decide to contact us we can:

• Prepare all relevant documents and deeds that the buyer will need.

The delays could prejudice and hinder the sale.

• Explain the procedure involved and Tax implication of the sale such

as Capital Gain Tax.

• Help you to full fill your Tax liabilities for the sale.

• Assist you before the Public Notary or act on your behalf if you have

gone away and can not be in Spain for completing the sale.


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