Living on the Costa Blanca in Spain inevitably brings up the issue of insurance. For a mortgage, for example, you will also need to sign a homeowner’s insurance policy and in many cases take out life insurance. Many expats also choose private medical insurance even though the public health service is very good in Spain. And of course if you drive a car in Spain you will need to have your car insurance in order.

Car Insurance on the Costa Blanca in Spain

From 1995, Spanish law requires that all vehicles have to have an insurance that includes a minimum 3rd party cover. However 3% of the vehicles do not carry this minimum insurance. Most of these are young people on bikes and scooters. The Spanish police ( Guardia civil ) do take special care in form of controls to find drivers without insurance. The police also check the insurance company files to detect vehicles without insurance. Fee for driving without insurance is up to 3000 euro.

Health Insurance on the Costa Blanca in Spain

Many expats also choose to have a private health insurance policy when living on the Costa Blanca in Spain. Even though the public health system is quit good there may be some waiting time. If you would like the doctor to have time to spend to listen to you without any waiting time a private health insurance might be a good choice. Generally speaking the doctors here are very highly qualified but as in many other countries in the public health system they have little time to listen to their patients.

Home insurance on the Costa Blanca in Spain

You can buy your home insurance either from an insurance broker or from your bank. You might be required from the bank to take out a home insurance if you take out a mortgage. Your home insurance may include a lot or just the basics. It is important to take the time to look through the insurance policy to make sure you are being fully covered for the things that is important to you.

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