Family meals

Family meals

Family meals.

Spanish people are in general well known for spending a lot of time on food. Both preparing it and eating. A family meal is in Spain a lot more than just getting some food in your stomach. The Spanish take a lot of care in preparing a meal using only natural ingredients.

They also take the opportunity to socialise during the meal. This is the time when they talk together. A normal lunch in Spain will last from 1 – 3 hours depending on the time. Homemade meals are still popular in Spain and the children are taught early to appreciate good food. Favorite meals vary from region to region and on the Costa Blanca the Paella in different variations is a winner. Dishes with lamb and all kinds of seafood are also very popular.

A meal in Spain without a good salad in the middle of the table is unheard of. Due to the foreign influence a growing number of restaurants on the Costa Blanca serving food from all over the world are getting very popular as well. Fast food chains have also been increasing in numbers the last years even thought the Spanish on a daily basis prefer homemade cooking.

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