Consumer Issues

Consumer Issues

Living and consuming on the Costa Blanca in Spain you will find that there are dedicated government offices designed to advise you regarding your rights and responsibilities. There are also numerous private consumer organizations that operate at both regional and national level.

The Municipal Consumers Office

There is a public office in every Municipality in Spain. This is the place to go with any doubt or questions you have about your consumer rights and responsibilities. You can ask the Town hall in your town on the Costa Blanca in Spain for the OMIC office ( Oficina Municipal de Información al Consumidor ). Most of the complaints that these offices involve in are informal verbal contracts between shop owners and clients. When approaching this office make sure to bring with you all receipts or contracts. You will be assigned and advisor. To avoid having to go to these offices it is advisable to do every agreement in writing.


AUSBANC is a highly respected financial consumer’s association. It is a private organization but do offer they services also to non-members against a fee. Ausbanc’s primary activity is fighting against unjust banking laws seen from a consumer’s point of view. They publish 2 weekly national publications and can be helpful with legal advise and support when it comes to financial matters.

When you want to register a complaint against a bank on the Costa Blanca in Spain you should do as follows:

Register a written complaint with the consumer department in the bank. Make sure you get your copy stamped and leave another copy with the bank. To go any further two months must pass -Your case might be solved in the meantime.

If two months passes and nothing happens you can send your complaint together with all the documentation to the Banco de España. Even though this entity can not make legally binding decisions most banks will follow their advise knowing their importance in law court.

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