Budget Costa Blanca

Budget Costa Blanca

Budget Costa Blanca.

Under you will find some tips and hints on how to save money on different aspects in your life on the Costa Blanca.

Generally speaking prices are lower than in the UK. If you want or need to cut costs even further there are possibilities. Spain has for years had what they call 100 pesetas stores. These are stores that carry everything from washing utilities to toys and decorative articles. The pesetas is no longer the currency but people still calls these stores 100 pesetas. Many of these shops are now owned by Chinese people. The quality of the items they sell may vary and you should take that in consideration when buying. Especially when buying toys for your children. The 100 pesetas shops are easily recognizable. If you see a shop that seem to sell everything that’s probably the one. In most towns you will find two or several stores close to each other competing over the clients. Do check out prices in various shops to get bargains. Many of the shops in the tourist areas on the Costa Blanca also sell travel items like bags and suitcases.

Education is free in Spain but many foreigners bring their children to private schools. Prices may vary between the private school so choose carefully if you do not want to take advantage of the public alternative which is actually quit good. Most Spanish schools also offer meals during the day for their pupils.

For after school activities the best way to save money is to contact the municipal sports centre. The municipal sport centre provides activities like swimming pool, gyms, football e.t.c classes at very reasonable prices. In most cases the prices are symbolic of the real cost. Private alternatives would come out two or three times more expensive.

For more artistic activities go to the culture house. (Casa de cultura in Spanish) . The Casa de Cultura will provide activities like paint, dance and ceramic classes at highly subsidized rates.

The libraries in Spain are often very well equipped and there is no charge. The librarians are very well educated and if they do not have a book they will order it from any other library within the Valencian community free of charge.

When it comes to grocery shopping there are big savings in choosing the right store. If time is important and you do not have the time to shop at the local market for fresh vegetables, meats and fish taking time to choose the right supermarket is important. The supermarkets on the Costa Blanca are in most cases very well equipped and you can choose from Spanish supermarkets like Cab Rabo, Mercadona, Mas y Mas and Planesia which in the tourist areas carry international specialities for the foreign market. International supermarkets like Lidl and Carrefour are also present on the Costa Blanca.

When buying or renting a property there is also saving to be made if you consider to live outside the city centre. Most Spanish prefer to live in the centre and this makes prices there very high. You should carefully consider your needs before making a decision on this. Take in consideration your workplace, your childrens school and the kind of property that best suits you. There might be big savings going out of town.

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